Culler Family History

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David Culler
BORN16MAR1818, Pennsylvania
MARRIEDAnna Hoover 1JUL1841 Stark Co. Ohio
  1. (M) Aaron A. b. 28AUG1842 OH d. 20MAR1924 CA
  2. (M) Daniel C. b. 17MAY1844 OH d. 15DEC1919 OH
  3. (M) David J. b. 20MAY1846 OH d. 19FEB1927 OH
MARRIEDCatherine Bowser 22AUG1847 Stark Co. Ohio
  1. (M) John J. b. 12OCT1848 OH d. 11JAN1943 IN
  2. (M) Amos b. 29JUL1850 OH d. 26SEP1850 OH
  3. (M) Samuel B. b. 22SEP1851 OH d. 25APR1935 IN
  4. (M) Jacob Oswalt b. 9JAN1854 OH d. 19DEC1921 IN
MARRIEDElizabeth J. Kern 12OCT1856 Stark Co. Ohio
  1. (F) Anna b. 18APR1857 OH d. 01JUN1888 OH
  2. (F) Catherine b. 04NOV1858 OH d. 30APR1920 OH
  3. (M) Henry b. 12FEB1861 OH d. 14JUN1939 OH
  4. (F) Lydia b. 20MAR1863 OH d. 13JAN1953 CO
  5. (F) Mary b. 12APR1866 OH d. 01AUG1938 OH
  6. (M) Jesse K b. 10OCT1868 OH d. 05FEB1940 CO
  7. (M) Infant b. 13MAR1871 OH d. 13MAR1871 OH
  8. (M) Noah b. 30JUL1873 OH d. 08JAN1952 OH
  9. (F) Rebecca C. b. 04APR1876 OH d. 24DEC1944 OH
  10. (M) Edwin b. 02AUG1878 OH d. 02AUG1977 CO
DIED20DEC1895 Louisville, Stark Co., Ohio
SOURCERichard Culler (Note 1)

Henry Culler
BORN12FEB1861, Louisville, Stark County, Ohio
MARRIEDLaura Ann Ruff 23DEC1888 Stark County, Ohio
  1. (M) Frank Wesley b. 23NOV1889 OH d. 14JUN1968 OH
  2. (M) Harmon Ray b. 30APR1891 OH d. 04APR1969 OH
  3. (F) Florence b. 19JAN1893 OH d. 15MAR1893 OH
  4. (M) Forrest C. b. 18NOV1896 OH d. 30JAN1968 OH
  5. (F) Merle Corrine b. 29APR1901 OH d. 09OCT2000 OH
  6. (M) Ralph Monroe b. 09OCT1905 OH d. 03APR1986 OH
  7. (F) Elsie Arlene b. 04MAR1908 OH d. 10MAY1990 OH
  8. (F) Vada Leola b. 07JUN1910 OH d. 28OCT2000 OH
DIED14JUN1939 Freeburg, Stark County, Ohio
SOURCERichard Culler (Note 1)

Harmon Ray Culler
BORN30APR1891, Louisville, Stark Co., Ohio
MARRIEDIda Belle Grise 16DEC1914, Osnaburg, Stark County, Ohio
  1. (F) Pearl Irene b. 09NOV1916 OH d. 31AUG1942 OH
  2. (F) Marieta Arlene b. 14JAN1918 OH
  3. (M) Melvin Jay b. 10OCT1921 OH d. 21OCT1989 OH
  4. (M) Floyd Edwin b. 08SEP1923 OH d. 17APR1932 OH
  5. (F) Carol Larue b. 22APR1925 OH d. 09JUL1993 FL
  6. (M) Wilford Henry b. 07MAY1927 OH
  7. (F) Ruth Ann b. 31DEC1930 OH
  8. (M) Eugene Robert b. 09SEP1938 OH
DIED04APR1969 Freeburg, Stark Co., Ohio
SOURCERichard Culler (Note 1)

Melvin Jay Culler
BORN10OCT1921, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
MARRIEDBetty Faye Roof 21APR1946 Canton, Stark Co., Ohio
  1. (F) Diana Kay b. 21MAR1947 OH
  2. (F) Sharon May b. 27JUN1948 OH
  3. (F) Janet Arlene b. 07APR1950 OH
  4. (M) Charles Ray b. 14JUL1951 OH
  5. (M) John Melvin b. 19DEC1952 OH
  6. (F) Wilma b. 06JUN1954 OH
  7. (F) Kelly Ann b. 26JUL1963 OH
  8. (F) Kimberly Carol b. 26JUL1963 OH
  9. (F) Karen Beth b. 26JUL1963 OH
  10. (F)Richard Paul b. 02APR1965 OH
DIED21OCT1989 Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
SOURCERichard Culler (Note 1)

Richard Paul Culler
BORN02APR1965, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio
MARRIEDSharon Lynn Simmons 09JUN1986 Mexico
  1. (M) Justin Paul b. 23APR1987 AL
  2. (F) Kristen Elysse b. 15SEP1988 AL
SOURCERichard Culler (Note 1)

Note 1: Richard Culler
3181 Parlay Rd.
Carrollton, OH 44615

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