Gracey / Golding / Miller Family History

Descendents of Lou Ella Gracey, James Rush Gracey [6],
William Crittenden [5], Wiliam II [4], William I [3], Patrick Gracey [2], John [1])

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Ross Everett Golding
BORN12DEC1905 Henderson, Missouri
MARRIEDLou Ella Gracey, 20JUN1934 Mount Vernon, Missouri pic
  1. (M)Ival Dale .b. 07JUL1939 MO
DIED21JUN1995 Mount Vernon, Missouri
SOURCEJoy Miller (Note 1)

Ival Dale Golding
BORN07JUL1939 Mount Vernon, Missouri
MARRIEDJeanie Lee Miller 13APR1968 Aurora, Missouri
  1. (F)Joy Lee b. (Living) MO
SOURCEJoy Miller (Note 1)

Scott Dale Miller
BORNFrom Topeka, Kansas
MARRIEDJoy Lee Golding in Aurora, Missouri
  1. (M)Holton Dale b. (Living) MO
  2. (M)Greydon Lee b. (Living) MO
SOURCEJoy Miller (Note 1)

Note 1: Joy Miller provided tombstone photos for Ross Golding and Lou Ella (Gracey) Golding. Joy also provided genealogy data for the Golding/Miller family.

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