Chapin - Holbrook - Bassett - Malloy - Engelhardt Family History

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John Holbrook
BORN24SEP1679 Braintree, Massachusetts
MARRIEDHannah Chapin, 12JUN1705 Mendon, Mass
  1. (M) Thomas b. 13MAR1707 MA d. 18APR1757 MA
  2. (F) Hannah Poole b. 04MAY1709 MA d. 1783 MA?
  3. (F) Lydia b. 22APR1711 MA d. 27JUL1802 MA?
  4. (M) Josiah b. 17JAN1715 MA d. 04FEB1783 NY
  5. (M) Moses b. 23APR1717 MA
  6. (M) John b. 24SEP1721 d. 12MAY1780 MA
  7. (M) Luke b. 20MAR1723/24 d. 03NOV1775 MA
  8. (M) Aaron b. 31AUG1730 d. 15APR1818 MA
DIED11MAY1765 Bellingham, Worcester County, Massachusetts
SOURCESSusan Engelhardt (Note 1) , Deanne Driscoll (Note 2)

Thomas Holbrook
BORN13MAR1707 Bellingham,Norfolk, Massachusetts
MARRIEDSarah Blood bef. 1736, Bellingham, Norfolk co., Mass
  1. (M) Asa b. 21MAR1737 MA d. 1813 VT
  2. (M) Ezra Abt. 1740 MA d. VT
  3. (M) Elias b. 24NOV1748 MA d. 04DEC1799 VT
  4. (M) Abner b. 07APR1757 MA
  5. (F) Rhonda b. ???? MA
  6. (F) Lydia b. Abt. 1757 MA
DIED18APR1757 Strubridge, Massachusetts
SOURCESSusan Engelhardt (Note 1) , Deanne Driscoll (Note 2)

Elias Holbrook
BORN24NOV1748 Brimfield, Worcester, Massachusetts
MARRIEDAbigail Shumway 02MAY1774, Sturbridge, Massachusetts
  1. (M) Lyman b. 16NOV1774 MA d. 17APR1851 IN
  2. (F) Philabee b. 22SEP1777 d. 07DEC1816
  3. (F) Ivah b. 11JAN1785 d. 09FEB1854
  4. (F) Chloe b. 21APR1786
  5. (F) Abigail b. 19MAR1789
  6. (M) Elias b. 12OCT1790 d. 24MAR1839
  7. (F) Arlis b. 21APR1794 d. 18OCT1822
  8. (F) Rhoda b. 21AUG1796 d. 17APR1805
  9. (F) Ann b. 17JAN1798
DIED04DEC1799 Townshend, Windham, Vermont
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Lyman Holbrook
BORN16NOV1774 Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts
MARRIEDPatty (Martha) Snow 01JUN1801, Putney, Windham, Vermont
  1. (F) Emma
  2. (F) Marilla b. 09JUL1802 VT d. 1892 IN
  3. (M) Alva b. 03MAY1805 NY d. 03OCT1805 NY
  4. (F) Polly b. 04SEP1807 NY d. 07SEP1809 NY
  5. (F) Mary Ann b. 08JUL1810 NY d. 08JAN1828 NY
  6. (F) Arvilla b. 08NOV1812 NY d. 19FEB1898
  7. (F) Martha b. 07AUG1818 NY d. AUG1870
  8. (M) Lewis J. b. 12OCT1821 NY d. 27NOV1895
  9. (M) Lyman Jr. b. 19APR1826 NY d. 1884
DIED17APR1851 DeKalb Co. Indiana
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Perdesum Bassett
BORN17APR1792 Jefferson County, New York
MARRIEDMarilla Holbrook Abt. 1823, Jefferson Co., New York
  1. (M) Sanford b. 29OCT1824 NY d. 24AUG1893 NE
  2. (F) Semantha b. abt. 1826
  3. (M) Lyman Sceva b. 1830 NY
  4. (M) Isaac b. abt. 1834
DIED28SEP1835 LeRay, Jefferson, New York
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Sanford Bassett
BORN29OCT1824 Jefferson County, New York
MARRIEDMary Ann Cuffle 23OCT1845, Wayne County, Ohio
  1. (M) Leander Sceva b. 28FEB1847 OH d. 06SEP1847 OH
  2. (F) Sarah Marilla b. 10OCT1848 OH d. APR1920 IN
  3. (F) Harriet Beacher b. 14MAR1851 IN d. 05DEC1925
  4. (M) Lucius Matlack b. 02JUN1853 IN d. 15DEC1934 IL
  5. (M) Lewis Daniel b.29FEB1856 d. 19MAY1869 IN
  6. (M) Sanford Sceva b.06JAN1859
  7. (F) Martha Ann b. 23MAY1861
  8. (M) Cyrus Prindle b. 19OCT1863 IN
DIED24AUG1893 Loup City, Sherman County, Nebraska
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Lucius Matlack Bassett
BORN02JUN1853 Fort Wayne, Indiana
MARRIEDLeontine Egloff 21SEP1882, Valparaiso, Indiana
  1. (F) Helena Marie b. 11APR1886 IN
  2. (F) Mary Elizabeth b. 29JUN1887 IL d. 18JUL1953 MI
  3. (F) Tina Marilla b. 10FEB1889 d. 11APR1889
  4. (M) William Sanford b. 26MAR1890 IL d. 24JUL1929 IL
  5. (M) Donald Munroe b. 10OCT1893 IL d. 12MAY1959 FL
DIED15DEC1934 Chicago, Illinois
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Dennis Michael Malloy
BORN26FEB1873 Londonderry, Ireland
MARRIEDMary Elizabeth Bassett 19DEC1907, Chicago, Illinois
  1. (M) Donald Charles b. 10OCT1908 IL d. 26FEB1954 IL
  2. (F) Mary Ellen b. 25MAR1910 IL d. 21MAY1983 IL
  3. (M) Eugene Francis b. 06MAY1914 IL d. 10SEP1995 TX
DIED19MAR1950 St. Petersburg, Florida
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Eugene Francis Malloy
BORN06MAY1914 Chicago, Illinois
MARRIEDFelice Lutz 25JAN1941, Chicago, Illinois
  1. (F) Susan Gay b. 20NOV1943 TX
  2. (M) Michael Dennis b. 05AUG1945 TX d. 06AUG1945 TX
  3. (M) Dennis Michael b. 28MAR1947 TX
  4. (F) Michele Ann b. 24JAN1950 TX
DIED10SEP1995 Houston, Texas
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Hugo Tristram Engelhardt Jr.
BORN27APR1941 New Orleans, Louisiana
MARRIEDSusan Gay Malloy 25NOV1965, Houston, Texas
  1. (F) Susan Elisabeth b. 20JUL1967 TX
  2. (F) Christina Tristram b. 07MAR1970 GERMANY
  3. (F) Dorothea Tristram b. 01OCT1975 TX
SOURCESusan Engelhardt (Note 1)

Note 1: Susan Engelhardt

Note 2: Deanne Driscoll
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