Chapin Family History

(Descendents of Peter Keener Chapin (1884 - 1976) [11], Peter Keener Chapin (1849 - 1932) [10], Hiram Chapin (1822 - 1879) [9],
Paul Stillman Chapin (1799 - 1841) [8], Paul Chapin (1760 - 1845) [7], Japhet Chapin (1726 - 1797) [6], John Chapin (1719 - 1777) [5],
Seth Chapin (1668 - 1746) [4], Josiah Chapin (1637 - 1726) [3], Samuel "DEACON" Chapin (1598 - 1675) [2], John Chapin (1566 - 1600) [1])

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Peter Keener Chapin
BORN28JUL1884 Anaheim, Orange, California
MARRIEDSusie Ann Davis 01JUN1906 Watts, LosAngeles, California
  1. (F) Hazel Belle b. 23DEC1906 CA d. 17OCT1998 CA
  2. (F) Mary Lodicia b. 17JUL1909 CA d. 27JUL2004 CA
  3. (F) Margie Opal b. 10DEC1911 CA
  4. (M) Bennie James b. 23JAN1914 CA
  5. (F) Edna b. 16JUN1916 CA d. 10AUG1998 CA
  6. (M) Raymond Edward b. 04NOV1919 CA d. 30APR2010 CA
  7. (F) Betty Gladys b. 12FEB1922 CA
  8. (M) Donald Dudley b. 05JUN1924 CA d. 24SEP2000 NV
  9. (F) Elsie b. 21DEC1927 CA d. 21DEC1927 CA
  10. (M) Peter Keener b. 26MAR1930 CA d. 26MAR1930 CA
  11. (M) Richard Gene b. 28APR1931 CA
DIED15SEP1976 Watsonville, Santa Cruz, California
SOURCESRootsweb (Note 1)

Note 1:
Information for Peter Keener and Susie Davis Chapin's family was obtained from the Rootsweb site.
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