Polk Family History

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William Polk
MARRIEDMargaret Taylor, 1725
  1. (M) Ezekial b. 07DEC1747 Tennessee

COL. Ezekial Polk
BORN07DEC1747 Tennessee
MARRIEDMary Winslow Wilson
  1. (M)Thomas
  2. (M)William
  3. (F)Matilda
  4. (M) Samuel b. 05JUL1772 North Carolina
DIED10 OCT 1794 North Carolina

Samuel Polk
BORN5 JUL 1772 Tryon North Carolina
MARRIEDJane Gracey Knox 25DEC1794
  1. (M) James Knox b. 02NOV1795 North Carolina
  2. (M) Marshall b. 1797 North Carolina
  3. (F) Jane Maria b. 14JAN1798 North Carolina
  4. (F) Lydia Eliza b. 17FEB1800 North Carolina
  5. (M) John b. 1801 North Carolina
  6. (M) Ezekiel Franklin b. 23AUG1802 North Carolina
  7. (M) Franklin Ezekiel b. 23AUG1802 North Carolina
  8. (M) Samuel W. b. 1803 North Carolina
  9. (M) William H. b. 1804/5 North Carolina
  10. (M) Marshall Tate b. 17JAN1805 North Carolina
DIED3 NOV 1827 Columbia Tennessee

James Knox Polk
BORN02NOV1795, Mecklenburg Co., NCJames Knox Polk was the eldest of 10 Children born to Samuel and Jane Knox Polk. As president, he successfully realized the popular American belief in "manifest destiny". That is, that all of the land westward to the pacific Ocean was naturally ours.
MARRIEDSarah Childress, 01JAN1824
11TH President of U.S.1845 - 1848
DIED15JUN1849, Nashville, TN

The format of each "BOX" is the same. The name at the top of the box will usually be a male and head of the "family group" contained within the BOX. Most of the rest of the BOX is self explanatory.

Some notes on using the hyperlinks contained in this page:

When you click on a hyperlink listed in the "CHILDREN" section of the box, you will proceed (for male children) to a BOX with the name of that child as head of the family (listed at the top of the BOX). For Female children, you will proceed to a BOX with the spouse of that child as head of the family.

When you click on a hyperlink at the top of a BOX or on a spouse(within the box), you will proceed to a BOX for the FATHER of the person clicked on.



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