Rose / Reade Family History

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Hugh Rose
MARRIEDIsabella Murray
  1. (M) Robert b. 28NOV1853 Scotland d. 20FEB1912 Scotland
SOURCESClaire Jewkes (Note 1)

Robert Rose
BORN28NOV1853 Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland
MARRIEDIsabella Mackie 02JUN1876
  1. (M) Hugh b. 07MAY1877 Glasgow Scotland d. 19DEC1880 Glasgow Scotland
  2. (F) Isabella b. 09JUN1878 Glasgow Scotland d. 22MAR1969 Oregon
  3. (F) Robina Innes b. 13MAY1880 Glasgow Scotland d. 1966 London England
  4. (F) Jane b. 10MAY1888 Glasgow, Scotland d. 23DEC1941 San Diego, California
  5. (F) Evelyn b. 30APR1892 Glasgow Scotland d. 19JAN1983 Stourbridge England
  6. (M) William b. 08SEP1895 Glasgow, Scotland d. 08JUN1970 Aberdeen Scotland
Robina, William, and Isabella Rose
DIED20FEB1912 Ayr Scotland
SOURCESClaire Jewkes (Note 1)

Stanley Reade
BORN14MAY1891 England
  1. (F) Jean b. 14SEP1911 ENGLAND d. JAN1987 NV
Gramma Mackie and Jeannie
DIEDJan 1967 in California
SOURCESClaire Jewkes (Note 1) SSDI (Note 2)

Note 1: Claire Jewkes

Note 2: Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
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