Chapin Family History

(Descendents of Seth Chapin (1709 - 1807) [5], Ebenezer Chapin (1677 - 1772) [4], Japhet Chapin (1642 - 1712) [3],
Samuel "DEACON" Chapin (1598 - 1675) [2], John Chapin (1566 - 1600) [1])

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Seth Chapin
BORN28FEB1709 Enfield, Connecticut
MARRIEDElizabeth Bliss 22NOV1739 Enfield, Conneticut
  1. (M) Samuel b. 26OCT1741 CT d. 18APR1833 CT
  2. (F) Abigail b. 20MAR1743 CT d. 27JUN1830 CT
  3. (F) Elizabeth b. 24SEP1746 CT d. 17FEB1819 CT
  4. (F) Catherine b. 18FEB1747 CT d. 14DEC1774
DIED22FEB1807 Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut
SOURCESRootsweb (Note 1), Find A Gravey (Note 2),

Note 1:
Information for Seth Chapin family was obtained from the Rootsweb Website.
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Note 2:
Information for Seth Chapin was obtained from the Find A Grave Website.
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