Tupperware ® Strawberry Angel Food Cake


1 10 ounce package frozen sliced strawberries
1 cup hot water
2 packages (3 ounces each) strawberry gelatin
1 angel food cake, bought or baked
Whipped cream


Thaw strawberries and drain. Reserve juice.

Dissolve strawberry gelatin in hot water. Add enough cold water to reserved strawberry juice to make 2 cups liquid and add to gelatin mixture with the strawberries.

Pour into a round plastic container. Push whole angel food cake down into mixture. Seal container with top. Refrigerate overnight.

To serve, flip container over so cake rests on lid. Cut into slices and top each slice with chipped cream.


1. The cake will absorb more of the mixture if holes are made in the top of the cake (using a plastic straw) before pushing the cake into the gelatin mixture.

2. The cake will tend to float on top of the strawberry gelatin mixture. If the plastic bowl is too tall, the lid will not keep the cake pushed down into the mixture. To insure the cake stays pushed down, place a small dish on top of the cake (if necessary) so that the lid will force the cake down into the mixture when snapped in place.

3. For best results, use an electric knife to cut the cake.