Chapin Family History

Helen Katherine "Nellie" Chapin (1887 - 1971) [11], Peter Keener Chapin (1849 - 1932) [10], Hiram Chapin (1822 - 1879) [9],
Paul Stillman Chapin (1799 - 1841) [8], Paul Chapin (1760 - 1845) [7], Japhet Chapin (1726 - 1797) [6], John Chapin (1719 - 1777) [5],
Seth Chapin (1668 - 1746) [4], Josiah Chapin (1637 - 1726) [3], Samuel "DEACON" Chapin (1598 - 1675) [2], John Chapin (1566 - 1600) [1])

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John Charles Walker
BORN09NOV1884 Lone Oak, Arkansas John and 'Nellie' Walker
MARRIEDHelen Katherine Chapin1908
  1. (F) Frances Johnell b. 05APR1927 Corona, CA
DIED14NOV1973 Elsinore, CA
SOURCEKevin O'Neill (Note 1)

Cyrill William O'Neill
BORNSeptember 9, 1916 St. Catherine, Missouri Francis Johnell O'Neill
MARRIEDFrances Johnell Walker, 28MAY1958 Pacific Grove, CA
  1. (M) Kevin
DIED28MAR2001 Fayetteville, NC
SOURCEKevin O'Neill (Note 1)

Note 1: Kevin O'Neill

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