Young Family History

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Robert Marr Young
BORN1813 Tennessee
MARRIEDCassy Ann Hendry circa 30JUL1835 in Washington co., Tennessee
  1. (M) John Edward b. 17APR1842 AL d. 10MAR1917 TX
  2. (F) Sarah b. 1844 TN
  3. (M) William Pinkney b. 1845 AL d. 1903 OK
  4. (F) Ann b. 1848
SOURCERootsWEB(Note 1)

William Pinkney Young
BORN1845 Alabama
MARRIEDElmira Ann French circa 1866 in Marshall co., Alabama
  1. (M) Montgomery b.1867 AL
  2. (M) Van Buren b. 11AUG1873 TX d. 15MAY1952 TX
  3. (M) Lon Dean b. 20OCT1877 TX d. 14JUL1930 AZ
DIED1903 Oklahoma
SOURCERootsWEB(Note 1)

Lon Dean Young
BORN20OCT1877 Corsicana, Texas
MARRIEDBlanche Terry 27SEP1898 Ladonia, Texas
  1. (M) Clarence
  2. (M) Wilbur Lee
  3. (F) Glenyce Joan
  4. (M) Lloyd Sterling b. 17OCT1903 NM
  5. (M) Van Buford b. 14NOV1905 NM d. 29OCT1983 TX
  6. (M) Royce Raymond b. 03DEC1907 NM
  7. (F) Gladys Dean b. 19JUN1911 TX
  8. (M) Kenneth Douglas b. 29JAN1916 TX
DIED14JUL1930 Phoenix, Arizona
SOURCERootsWEB(Note 1), SSDI(Note 2)

Van Buford Young
BORN14NOV1905 Portales, New MexicoClick to enlargeVB & Fran cira Jan 1957
MARRIEDFrancis "Fran" Marion ROBERTS 19JAN1929 Pilot Point, Randall Co., TX
  1. (F) Billie Deane b. 01SEP1929 Canyon, TX Picture
  2. (M) Buford Curtis b. 13APR1931 Valarde, NM
  3. (F) Gay Marlene b. 05JAN1933 Cebolla, NM d. 09JUL2000 Brownsville, TX
  4. (M) Eddy Max b. 18SEP1934 Cebolla, NM d. 15DEC1993 Brownsville, TX
DIED29OCT1983 Austin, TX
SOURCESSDI(Note 2), Find A Grave (Note 3)

Carl Ross Longley
BORNUNKNOWNBillie Deane and Ross
MARRIEDBillie Deane Young 18AUG1946 Brownsville, TX
  1. (F) Catherine Jeanette b. 12MAY1947 TX d. 15MAY1947 Brownsville, TX
  2. (F) Francis Jeanine b. 05JUL1949 Brownsville, TX
  3. (F) Jacquelinda Gay b. 04AUG1952 TX d. 17SEP1959 Brownsville, TX

Buford Curtis Young
BORN13APR1931 Valarde, New Mexico Buford and Bettie Young
MARRIEDBettie Sue Mitchell 17JUL1953 Brownsville, TX
  1. (M) Curtis Ross b. 09FEB1955 Brownsville, TX
  2. (M) Van Edward b. 04SEP1958 Brownsville, TX
  3. (F) Bennie Sue b. 15SEP1964 Brownsville, TX
  4. (M) Buford Clay b. 23NOV1965 TX d. 06DEC1965 Brownsville, TX
  5. (M) Travis Dean b. 04FEB1967 Brownsville, TX d. 2JUL2001 Alaska (Note 5)
DIED07JAN2009 Austin, Travis Co., Texas
SOURCESSDI(Note 2), Curtis Young(Note 4)

Charles Patrick "BUD" Rowan
BORN16JUN1931 ILLINOIS? Bud and Gay Rowan
MARRIEDGay Marlene Young 30MAY1951, Brownsville, TX
  1. (F) Charlene Patricia b. 04NOV1952 Brownsville, TX
  2. (M) Charles Patrick b. 30OCT1953 Brownsville, TX
  3. (M) Christopher Paul b. 09MAR1961 Brownsville, TX
DIEDApril 11, 2006 Angelina county, Texas

Eddy Max Young
BORN18SEP1934 Cebolla, New Mexico
MARRIEDBetty Lynn Carroll 02SEP1961, Brownsville, TX Eddy Max Young c. 1970
  1. (F) Karen Leigh b. 16JUN1962 Brownsville, TX
  2. (F) Holly Page b. 13JAN1965 Brownsville, TX
  3. (M) Jay Evans b. 18JUN1966 Brownsville, TX
  4. (F) Jana Lynn b. 01AUG1969 Brownsville, TX
DIED15DEC1993 Brownsville, TX

Curtis Ross Young
BORN09FEB1955 Brownsville, Texas Curtis Ross & Phyliss Anne on their wedding day
MARRIEDPhyllis Anne Carnesi 30JUL1977 Brownsville, Texas
  1. (M) Justin Van b. 07SEP1979 Brownsville, TX
  2. (M) Joshua James b. 07JUN1982 Brownsville, TX
SOURCECurtis Young (Note 4)

Note 1:
Information for Robert Marr Young family was obtained from the Rootsweb site.
(view WEB page)
Information for William Pinkney Young family was obtained from the Rootsweb site. (view WEB page)
Information for Lon Dean Young family was obtained from the Rootsweb site. (view WEB page)

Note 2: Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
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Note 3:
Burial information for V.B. Young was obtained from the Find A Grave website.
(view WEB page)
Burial information for Francis "Fran" Roberts Young was obtained from the Find A Grave website. (view WEB page)

Note 4: Curtis Young

Note 5: Travis Dean Young died as the result of a mountain climbing accident in Alaska. His body was recovered by park rangers and his ashes were scattered on a Mountain top near Anchorage, Alaska

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