Riordan Family History

(Descendents of Andrew Edward Riordan (1878 - 1962) [3], Michael Lawrence Riordan (1836 - 1908) [2], James Riordan (1800 - 1879) [1]

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Andrew Edward Riordan
BORN23SEP1878 Emigrant Springs, Nye Co., Nevada
MARRIEDClara Bell King Abt. 1909
  1. (F) Elsie Nevada b. 07AUG1910 CA d. 02JUL1990 CA
  2. (M) Clarence Larry b. 01OCT1912 CA d. 25SEP2001 CA
  3. (M) Leroy Edward b. 04JAN1927 CA d. 02JUL2011 CA
DIED24DEC1962 Freedom, Santa Cruz Co., California
SOURCES Joann Glennon (Note 1)

Leroy Edward Riordan
BORN04JAN1927 Kern, California
MARRIEDKatherine Jane Fowle 26AUG1951 in Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., California
  1. (M) Michael Edward b. 28JAN1953 d. 14JUL1985 CA
  2. (F) Jennifer Jane b. 09NOV1954 CA
  3. (M) Daniel Alan b. 29APR1958 CA
DIED02JUL2011 Carmel, Monterey, California
SOURCES Joan Glennon (Note 1), Find A Grave (Note 2)

Daniel Alan Riordan
BORN29APR1958 Alameda, California
MARRIEDLeah ????
  1. (F) Clara b. Abt. 1980 CA
  2. (M) Kyle b. Abt. 1980 CA
SOURCES Joann Glennon (Note 1)

Note 1: Joan Glennon
279 Wildwood Way
Salinas, Ca 93908-8742

Note 2:
Information for Leroy Edward Riordan was obtained from the Find A Grave website.
(view WEB page)

Note 3:
Joan Marie Riordan was married
(1) James Ray Shaw
(2) Tomas John Glennon

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