Gracey/Gracy Family History

(Descendents of John Gracey(1759 - 1839) [3], Patrick Gracey (1700 - 1810) [2], John Gracey (Bet. 1660 - 1680 ) [1])

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John Gracey
BORN30JAN1759, North Carolina
MARRIEDJane Lowrance (b.28JUL1763 d. 1789) 11FEB1784 Rowan County, NC
  1. (M) Newell b. DEC1784, NC d. 1863, TN
  2. (M) John B. b. 28MAY1787,GA d. 15SEP1858, MO
  3. (F) Jane L. b. 1789, GA d. bef. 1882, IL
MARRIEDRachel Ramsey (b.05MAY1773 d. 23JUN1843) 14MAR1793, GA
  1. (F) Mary Polly b. 2DEC1795 GA d. 29SEP1869 TN
  2. (F) Ann b. 1797 d. abt. 1831
  3. (M) William Newton Ramsey b. 14FEB1799, GA d. 10MAR1854
  4. (F) Cynthia b. 15DEC1805 d. 6SEP1839.
  5. (M) Joseph Barnett b. 10FEB1807, TN d. 24AUG1885, TN
  6. (F) Arixena Lucinda b. 8APR1812; d. bef. 1882
  7. (M) John Franklin Price b. 21NOV1816; d. 26FEB1865.
DIED08OCT1839 Pulaski, TN
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Joseph Barnett Gracey (Note 4)
BORN10FEB1807, Maury Co., Tennessee
MARRIEDElizabeth Louis Bradshaw 06OCT1835 Maury County, TN
  1. (M) James Franklin b. 02SEP1836, TN d. 23APR1911, TN/FL?
  2. (M) Eli Addison b. 14APR1838, TN d. 14APR1840
  3. (F) Cynthia Caroline b. 22AUG1839, TN d. 31JUL1841
  4. (M) John Ramsey b. 11DEC1841, TN d. 07DEC1902
  5. (F) Sallie Delphia b. 26OCT1843, TN d. 11APR1923
  6. (M) William Barnett b. 28SEP1845, TN d. 29JUL1929
  7. (F) Matura Ann b. 11SEP1847, TN d. 19NOV1931
  8. (M) Brainard Bradshaw b. 04NOV1849, TN d. 03MAY1939
  9. (M) Baby Boy b. 19DEC1851, TN d. 23DEC1851, TN
  10. (F) Euphilia Elizabeth b. 17JAN1853,TN d. 28OCT1854, TN
  11. (M) Robert Donaly b. 14MAR1855,TN d. 14FEB1856
  12. (M) Luther Columbus b. 16MAR1857, TN d. 05APR1922, FL
DIED24AUG1885 Maury Co., TN
SOURCESE. Boehms Skelley (Note 1) , Samuel Goforth (Note 2)

Luther Columbus Gracey (Note 3)
BORN16MAR1857, Maury Co., Tennessee
MARRIEDMargaret Stephens 12NOV1895 in Troy,Obion Co., TN
  1. (F) Gladys b. 6OCT1896, FL d. 2JUL1986, FL
  2. (M) Avery Stephens b. 29APR1898 FL d. 18DEC1904 FL
  3. (F) Maurine Stephens b. 31DEC1899 FL d. 23 Sep 1985 CA
  4. (M) Joseph Jerimah b. 14FEB1902, FL d. 23SEP1903 TN
  5. (M) Luther Cecil b. 10AUG1904, FL d. 28OCT1970 FL
DIED5APR1922 Gainsville, FL
SOURCESE. Boehms Skelley (Note 1) , Samuel Goforth (Note 2)

Samuel Peebles Harn
BORN16DEC1893, Bartow, FL
MARRIEDGladys Gracy 14DEC192 Gainsville, FL
  1. (F) Margaret Gracy b. 8MAY1923, FL
  2. (F) Mary Ann Peebles b. 8OCT1924 FL
  3. (F) Gladys Maurine b. 12DEC1926 FL
DIED8APR1957 Gainsville, FL
SOURCESE. Boehms Skelley (Note 1) , Samuel Goforth (Note 2)

Harold Walton Goforth
BORN14JUN1921, Winder, GA
MARRIEDMargaret Gracy Harn 15NOV1943 Gainsville, FL
  1. (M) Harold Walton b. 11OCT1944, FL
  2. (M) Samuel Harn b. 21NOV1949, FL
  3. (F) Margaret Gracy b. 10JUL1953, FL
SOURCESE. Boehms Skelley (Note 1) , Samuel Goforth (Note 2)

Note 1: E. Boehms Skelley, Gracey / Woody book, (Tennessee Valley Publishing Co., Knoxville, TN 1998).
Etta Skelley
1121 Cresthaven Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Note 2:
Information for Jane Lowrance Gracey was obtained from the Rootsweb site.
(view WEB page)

Note 3:
Information for Rachel Ramsey Gracey was obtained from the Find A Grave website.
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Information for John Gracey was obtained from the Find A Grave website. (view WEB page)

Note 4:
There is evidence that either John Gracey or his children dropped the "e" from GRACEY and subsequently spelled their surname as GRACY

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