(Descendents of Eleanor Gracey (1755 - 1837) [3], Patrick Gracey (1700 - 1810) [2], John Gracey (Bet. 1660 -1680) [1])

Templeton Family History

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George Templeton
MARRIEDEleanor Gracey, 19AUG1775, North Carolina
  1. (M)George b. 1781, NC
  2. (F) Ester b. 1783, NC
  3. (F) Rebecca b. 1785, NC
  4. (F) Matilda b. 1787, NC
  5. (M) John Gracey b. 25MAY1788, NC
  6. (F) Eleanor b. 1789, NC
  7. (M) Edwin b. 1791, NC
  8. (M) Elam b. 1799, NC

George Templeton JR.
BORN1781, Iredell Co., North Carolina
MARRIEDLeah Blackwelder, 16APR1883
  1. (F) Ellen S. b. JUN1834, NC
  2. (F) Rebecca Philadelphia b. 1836, NC
  3. (F) Sarah b. 1839, NC
  4. (F) Virginia b. 29AUG1840, NC
  5. (M)Robert Sinclair b. 04MAR1845, NC
  6. (M) George W. C. b. NOV1852, NC
DIED21AUG1853, Iredell Co., North Carolina

Robert Sinclair Templeton
BORN04MAR1845, Iredell Co., North Carolina
METTurza Ann Nesbit
  1. (M) Robert Agustus b. 08APR867, NC
MARRIEDCaroline Josephine Gray, 20APR1869, Iredell Co., NC
  1. (M)J. Will b. 07APR1870, NC
  2. (F) LRock b. 23NOV1871, NC
  3. (M) X. Ped b. 08JUL1874, NC
  4. (M) O. K. b. 12JUL1876, NC
  5. (M) Y. Tell b. 16AUG1878, NC
  6. (F) X. Era b. 06AUG1880, NC
  7. (F) Mary Virginia b. 13FEB1883, NC
  8. (M) U. Lake b. 21OCT1884, NC
  9. (M) Lake Ellswick b. 18NOV1885, NC
  10. (F) Bunk Barath b. 26OCT1889, NC
  11. (M) T. Q. b. 1891, NC
MARRIEDDella Oliver, DEC1897, South Carolina
  1. (F) Baby Girl (not named)
  2. (M) George Dewey b. 11MAY1898
  3. (M) Theodore Roosevelt b. 08JUN1900
  4. (F) Snouda Louise b. 01JAN1903
  5. (F) Margaret Josephine b. 26JAN1904, NC
  6. (M) Robert Carpenter b. 10SEP1906
  7. (M) Samuel Adams b. 10SEP1906
  8. (M) Patrick Gracey b. 15APR1908
  9. (M) Edwin Gray b. 123NOV1910
DIED21MAR1921, North Carolina

J. Will Templeton
BORN07APR1870, Iredell Co., North Carolina
MARRIEDFrances Florida McLean, 18NOV1896
  1. (F) Norvell b. 04NOV1897, NC
  2. (M) Onlan b. 09APR1899, NC
  3. (F) McEwen b. 20NOV1901
  4. (M) Drath b. 20JUL1904, NC
  5. (M) Nerren b. 04SEP1906, NC
  6. (F) Thoy b. 12NOV1908
  7. (M)Thelton b. 02DEC1910, NC
  8. (F) Kester b. 28AUG1913
  9. (F) Thele b. 29MAY1916
DIED16FEB1919, North Carolina

Thelton Templeton
BORN02DEC1910, Iredell Co., North Carolina
MARRIEDBettie Elizabeth Gregory, 01OCT1938, Danville, VA
  1. (M) Donald Fensty b. 04FEB1940, NC
  2. (M) Thelton Thomas b. 10DEC1942, NC
  3. (F)Iva Jean b. 11DEC1952, NC

Dan Overby Holder JR.
MARRIEDIva Jean Templeton, 14JUN1971, Greensboro, NC
  1. (F)Kristen Renee b. 29JAN1974, VA
  2. (M) Dan Overby III b. 14JAN1977, VA
  3. (M) Andrew Brian b. 20DEC1978, NC

Tony Rudolph Crutchfield
MARRIEDKristen Renee Holder, 20SEP1997, Greensboro, NC

The format of each "BOX" is the same. The name at the top of the box will usually be a male and head of the "family group" contained within the BOX. Most of the rest of the BOX is self explanatory.

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