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Henry Bodwell
BORN17JAN1653 London, England
MARRIEDBethia Emery 4MAY1681, Newbury, Mass
  1. (F) Bethia b. 02JUN1682 MA d. 24APR1760 MA
  2. (F) Mary b. 1APR1684 MA d. January 07, 1716 MA
  3. (M) Henry b. 27JAN1685 MA d.29JAN1685 MA
  4. (M) Josiah b. 27JAN1685, MA d. 31JAN1685 MA
  5. (F) Abigail b. 15JAN1686 MA d. 07AUG1778 CT
  6. (M) Henry 6NOV1688 MA d. 13APR1773 MA
  7. (M) James b. 10JUN1690 MA d. JUN1746 MA
  8. (M) Daniel b. 14FEB1692 MA d. 07MAY1787 MA
  9. (F) Sarah b. 01DEC1694 MA d. 04FEB1737 MA
  10. (F) Hannah b. 01SEP1696 MA d. Bef. 05JAN1743
  11. (F) Judith b. 04APR1698 MA d. 05OCT1777 MA
  12. (F) Ruth b. 2DEC1699 MA d. Aft. 05JAN1743 NH
  13. (F) Phebe b. 10JUL1701 MA d. 10SEP1730 MA
DIED1JUN1745 Methuen, Mass
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

James Bodwell
BORN10JAN1690 Andover, Mass
MARRIEDMary Parker 6FEB1710, Andover, Mass
  1. (M) James b. 1FEB1712 Haverhill, Mass d. 1749/1750
  2. (F) Mary 1713 Haverhill, Mass
  3. (F) Hannah b. 25JUN1715 Haverhill, Mass
  4. (M) Stephen b. 12JUL1720 Haverhill, Mass
DIEDJUN1746 Methuen, Mass
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Stephen Bodwell
BORN12JUN1720 Haverhill, Mass
MARRIEDRuth Gutterson 7FEB1744, Methuen, Mass
  1. (F) Sarah 7DEC1745 Methuen, Mass
  2. (M) William b. 12OCT1747 Methuen, Mass
  3. (M) James b. 4FEB1749 Methuen, Mass d. 1749/1750
  4. (F) Ruth b. 4FEB1750/1 Methuen, Mass
  5. (M) James b. 25APR1753 Methuen, Mass
  6. (F) Lydia b. 19SEP1754 Methuen, Mass
  7. (F) Mary b. 4SEP1756 Methuen, Mass
  8. (F) Abigail b. 12OCT1758 Methuen, Mass
  9. (F) Olive b. 12NOV1760 Methuen, Mass
  10. (M) Stephen b. 16DEC1762 Methuen, Mass d. 1783?
  11. (F) Ednah b. 12DEC1764 Methuen, Mass
  12. (M) Abiah b. 26JUN1768 Methuen, Mass
DIED1JUL1803 Methuen, Mass
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Willaim (Deacon) Bodwell
BORN12OCT1747 Methuen,Mass
MARRIEDSarah Annis 24DEC1772, Methuen, Mass
  1. (M) William Jr. 15OCT1773 Methuen, Mass
  2. (M) Joseph b. 25OCT1775 Methuen, Mass
  3. (M) Abraham b. 5MAY1777 Methuen, Mass
  4. (M) Enoch b. 4SEP1779 Methuen, Mass
  5. (F) Sarah b. 21OCT1781 Methuen, Mass
  6. (M) Isaac b. 13SEP1783 Methuen, Mass d. 1783?
  7. (F) Ruth b. 8SEP1784 Methuen, Mass
  8. (M) Isaac b. 8SEP1784 Methuen, Mass
DIED13OCT1824 Methuen, Mass
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Joseph Bodwell
BORN25OCT1775 Methuen,Mass
MARRIEDSabra Stocker (Date unknown) Norwalk, Conn
  1. (M) William b. 03FEB1802 Ridgefield, Conn
  2. (M) Levi Munsonb. 11NOV1803 Ridgefield, Conn
  3. (M) Henry Edwin b. 27NOV1804 Ridgefield, Conn
  4. (M) Philander Joseph b. abt 1808 Conn
  5. (M) Horace b. 06DEC1821 Danbury, Conn
DIED16AUG1833 Clarksfield, Ohio
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Levi Munson Bodwell
BORN11NOV1803 Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., CT
MARRIEDAnn Eliza Vanderhoof, 04JAN1827, NY NY
  1. (M) James Lester b. 22MAY1828 NY, NY
  2. (M) Henry Edwin b. 12AUG1831 Clarksville, OH
  3. (F) Mary Eliza b. 01AUG1834 Clarksville, OH
  4. (M) Levi Barnum b. 18FEB1837 Clarksville, OH
  5. (M) William Philander b. 22FEB1840 Clarksville, OH
MARRIEDCharlotte Day, 14JUL1840 Clarksville, OH
  1. (M) Joseph Francisb. 19JUL1841 Clarksville, OH
  2. (M) Horace Munson b. 29JUL1850 Rubicon, WI
DIED14JUL1890 Baldwin City, Douglas Co., KS
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Joseph Francis Bodwell
BORN19JUL1841 Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio
MARRIEDEmma Jane Barnum, 10APR1865 Clarksfield, Huron Co., Ohio
  1. (F) Mary Grace b. 16OCT1866 Clarksville, OH
  2. (M) Charles Lionel b. 24FEB1868 Clarksville, OH
  3. (F) Emma Maude b. 08MAR1870 Baldwin City, KS
  4. (F) Catherine Belle b. 05APR1872 Baldwin City, KS
  5. (F) Rosetta Charlotte b. 1874 Centropolis, KS
  6. (M) John Levi b. 09MAR1877 Centropolis, KS
Joseph Francis Bodwell Emma Jane Barnum
DIED12SEP1912 Corona, Riverside Co., CA
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1) , Dorothy Chapin (Note 2) Joseph Bodwell & Emma Jane Bodwell

Mary Grace Bodwell
BORN16OCT1866 Clarksfield, Huron co., Ohio
MARRIEDJosiah Francis Cullar 09Mar1883
  1. (F) Elda May b. 23DEC1888 Centropolis, KS
  2. (F) Alice b. abt. 1892 Kansas / Colorado
Elda in Colorado Elda in California
MARRIEDDr. Robert Leroy Brunson 04MAY1898 Burbank, Ca
  1. (M)son b.
  2. (F) Juanita Grace b. 23DEC1899 CA
    1. (F) daughter b. 1902, Corona, CA
DIED7FEB1954 Corona, Riverside Co., CA
SOURCEDorothy Chapin (Note 2) Rootsweb (Note 3) Photo of Elda taken in Colo/Photo of Elda taken in Calif

John Levi Bodwell
BORN09MARM1877 Centropolois, Franklin Co., Kansas
MARRIEDDena Jean Brown 17SEP1902 Burbank, California
  1. (F) Vera Maarquerite b. 18JUN1903 CA d. 25JUN1978 CA
  2. (M) Harold Lionel b. 02APR1905 CA d. 14AUG1955 CA
  3. (M) Lester Donald b. 30MAY1912 CA d.26OCT1974 CA
  4. (F) Lois Constance b. 23DEC1919 CA
DIED12MAR1951 North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., California
SOURCEDonald Bodwell (Note 1)

Note 1: Donald Bodwell
3232 County Road 494
Princeton, Texas 75407

Note 2: Photographs obtained from Dorothy Elda (Riordan) Chapin

Note 3: rootseb Mary Grace Bodwell

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