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Damon Taylor
BORN 25JUL1782 Salem, NJ
MARRIEDMary Ann Smith btw. 1807 - 1808 TX
  1. (F) Ann b. abt. 1808 NJ
  2. (M) David McClellan b.04JUL1810
  3. (M) John Damon b. 30AUG1821 NJ
DIED26AUG1822 Salem, NJ
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David McClellan Taylor
BORN04JUL1810 Woodstown, NJ
  1. (F) Mary Ann b. 22SEP1837 New Madrid, Missouri
  2. (M) Damon Jacob b. 5OCT1839 New Madrid,Missouri
MARRIEDHelen (English), Moore, Nash, 18DEC1845 Rocky Comfort, Arkansas
  1. (F) Francis Jane b. 30NOV1846 Forerna,AK
  2. (F) Nancy Ann b. 21JAN1849 AK d. 1866
  3. (F) Jechelina b. 18SEP1851 AK
DIED10MAR1875, Anaheim, CA
SOURCERootsweb (Note 1)
The following narrative was written by
Helen Katherin Chapin (Nellie). Katherin is the daughter of Francis Jane Taylor and the grand daughter of David Taylor. This narrative is copied verbatim as it was written complete with original spellings and punctuation.

Grandfather - David Taylor was borned at Woodstown New Jersey, on the 4th of July - 1810.

His Father was a scotchman. And his Mother was French. His Father's name was Damon Taylor and his Mother's name was Ann. They had 3 children. David, Ann and John.

David - our Grandfather, was educated for a medical doctor and surgeon. All the expence being payed by his Grandmother - his Mothers Mother - who was a French Woman from France. She thought he should be a medical doctor - as he was the oldest son - and it was traditional in her family that the oldest son be educated for a medical doctor.

Grandfather - David Taylor married, and 2 children were borned to them, a son they named Damon and the daughter they named Mary. Grandfather - David Taylor was later one that was called to make a treaty with the Indians.

The Indians became hostile and rose up and Tomahawked and Killed all of the white men. But when they came to bury the men, our Grandfather Taylor being one of the dead, moved, they saw the was not dead so they took him to a Catholic hospital where he had to be kept tied in bed, they kept a dipper chained to give him water to drink as he was in a very bad state of mind. But one day his mind became all right and he ask the Catholic Sister - his nurse, Why have you got that dipper chained on there for. The nurse knew immediately that his mind had come back, and he was alright. She ran down the stairs and told the rest of them that he had ask her that question, then they all came up and was so glad to learn that he was now all right in his mind. He was like one coming back from the dead, and he was the only one of the men that lived that was sent to make the treaty with the Indians.

He stayed there at the hospital for some time, and helped them out as he was a medical doctor, and gave them quite a lift.

Later after he had gotten able to make a trip, he went back to where his wife was. But he learned that his wife had thought him dead, and had married again. So he just stayed dead to them.

He finally went down into Arkansas, where he met my Grandmother, she was a widow at that time. Her name was Helen Nash, her husband was killed. His name was Van Nash. A man killed him in a card game.

Grandfather then married Grandmother in 1845. I don't know the month they were married. Then the next year, my mother, their first child, was borned. her Birthday was Nov. 30th, 1846. They named her Francis Jane Taylor. Then in about 2 more years, another daughter was borned, she was called Ann, but she died when she was 18 years old. Then on Sep. 18th 1851 - Jechelina, their youngest daughter was borned. she was Alex and Mary Raileys mother. Grandma Taylor had a farm there in Arkansas where they lived, the nearest town was called RockieComfort - now called Foreman. It was near the Oklahoma line, then called the Indian territory. They also run a store, then called a tradeing Post. The Indians traded there.

Grandpa Taylor went out and showed the Indians how to dig up Snake root and Pink root, which he would buy from them. He told them not to mix the 2 sorts of roots for if they did he would not take them. He said he would not know the difference, but when he went to sell them, they would find it out, and would not take them.

He had these roots bailed up separate in cotton presses. He then had them loaded on Flat boats, and took them down the rivers to New - Orleans Louisiana, where he sold them. He made a lot of money in this root business. These roots were used for medicine at that time. He would then buy things that they wanted and needed. Also bought things to sell in their store. He shiped the things back, and came home on the Steamer Boats that were running up and down the Mississippi River at that time.

He done a thriveing business, untill the Civil War broke out between the North and South. The War finally got so hot that Grandpa had to go over into Texas to keep from being killed as he was from the North and the people in the South got it in for him. The War kept getting worse untill Grandma My Mother and Aunt Jeckie had to leave and go over into Texas where Grandpa was.

About this time there was a great many people leaving Texas for California, as every thing was in a very bad state of affairs. The Negros had been set free, and no provision had been made to provide for them. They were like children. They stayed along the river banks, saying we don't have to work any more - the Government is going to take care of us. And as they had no one to feed or give them any medical attention they died by the hundreds. But the old Masters talked and explained to the one's that could understand, How they now were the government and would have to provide for them selves. So they let them have land and seed to put in crops on the shares which a great many did.

Grandpa got up a wagon train when he was ready to start for California. He bought Mule teams to pull all of his wagons as he thought they would stand up better under the hard strain and many hard ships they would encounter on the way out to California. Most all that were making the trip out were using Oxen. They had the indians to contend with those days, as they were on the rampage. And they were very dangerous. The men all had to be armed with weapons, and be ready to fight at any time.

Grandpa's wagon train started out from Texas in the Spring of 1869 - about the first of May. It took them one year before they arrived in California. It was a hard long trip. It then was the spring of 1870 when they arrived here. My Mother said - they camped two weeks here at Lake Elsinore, which was then the Old Machado Ranch. And all the wagon trains stoped there, for food and water for their stock. There was no town or settlement here then, at all.

Then they drove to Anaheim where they settled and Grandpa bought 40 acres of land. He built a house, also a smokehouse and chicken house and so on. When his two daughters married he deeded them ten acres each for their homes of this land.

Grandpa Taylor lived on this place untill he died on March 10, 1875 and was buryed on my Mothers place there at Anaheim

Helen English
BORN26MAY1806 Boones Burro, KY
MARRIEDMr. Moore (Date Unknown)
  1. (F) Helen
  2. (F) Louisiana
MARRIEDVan Nash (Date Unknown)
  1. (M) Van
  2. (F) Sarah
MARRIEDDavid Taylor 1845
  1. (F)Francis Jane b. 30NOV1846
  2. (F) Nancy Ann b. 21JAN1849 d. 1866
  3. (F) Jechelina b. 18SEP1851
DIED26JUN1891 Anaheim, CA

Grandmother Taylor's maidan name was Helen English. She was borned May 26th 1806 - Boones Burro, Kentucky.

Her Father and Mother were what they called Frontier people, they were with the Daniel Boone party. One of Grandma's Aunts was married to Radclift Boone- Daniel Boone's brother.

She first married a man by the name of Moore - she had 2 daughters by him - Helen and Louisiana, he then died.

Then later she married a man by the name of Nash, she had 2 children by him - Van and Sarah Nash. Nash was killed in a Card Game in his own house, he was shot by a neighbor. She was a widow again.

She then married our Grandpa Taylor in 1845, he died and she lived on untill June 26th - 1891 when she died at Anaheim.



Peter Keener Chapin
BORN..JAN1850 Seguin, TX
MARRIEDFrancis Jane Taylor, 10SEP1871
  1. (M) David Taylor b. 1872 CA d. 1940 CA
  2. (F) Lucretia b. 1874 d. 1887
  3. (M) Hiram
  4. (M) Peter Keener b.28JUL1884 CA
  5. (F) Helen Katherine b.22MAY1887 CA
DIED1932 Corona, Riverside County, CA

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